Useful Links

No endorsement is implied by listing these sites. They have been selected because of the information and opinions they present. They should be considered carefully and professional advice should be sought before acting.

Business - General

Australian Business Entry Point

Lots of information about Business planning, Development, Employment, Legal issues, Financial issues and Licensing matters.

Business Name Register

Part of the above site but worth a particular mention. You can quickly check a business name or ABN.

Queensland Department of State Development

A must if you are just starting a business and very good if you are already in business. Lots of free help.

Tax Information

Australian Government Tax Office

This site has so much information you can easily see why you need a Tax Professional.

Tax Sites in Australia

A list of links to tax things.

Tax Payers Association

Interesting tax facts and issues.

Financial Matters

Australian Stock Exchange

Lots of information on how listed securities work.

Australian Securities & Investments Commission

Provides basic details about current and former Companies, Business names and Organisations.

FIDO Consumer Information

Essential financial advice and tips to help you avoid making investment mistakes.

Australian Financial Services Directory

A commercial site of links to Brokers,Financial planners etc.


A very useful starting point to find anything to do with money in Australia.