We are happy to accept your records at whatever level you are comfortable.

Some clients give us a Shoe-Box full of receipts and invoices, and others have them neatly organised in an arch folder. Still others continue to complete their cash books, as they have always have done for their existing accountant.


tip spike

As a basic form of record-keeping, we suggest that you purchase 2 metal spikes.

One is to be used for Receipts and Invoices, where you have paid cash money, or by Private cheque, or Private EFTPOS Transaction.

The other spike is used for anything purchased using your Business cheque account, Business Credit Card, or EFTPOS transaction from your Business Cheque account.

Put the contents of each spike in separate bundles (labelled), together with your Bank Statements, Cheque butts, and Credit Card statements, and we'll do the rest.